World Brain Tumour Day 2021: Here's how Covid affects the brain
Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald


For those who think Covid-19 is a respiratory disorder, it's the time to think again. As days pass, it has been emerging as the biggest threat to trigger a huge range of neurological disorders.

Stroke, anxiety, confusion and fatigue are the few names from the long list. There are many instances when people have had complaints of challenges in staying focused, problems with memory and extreme tiredness after the mild illness.

Neurological experts suggest that earlier nobody realized that the virus does cause problems in the brain but after much analysis, they realized that there could be many factors behind it.

The coronavirus disrupts the oxygen flow in the body including the brain, resulting in blood-clotting and the hyper-inflammatory response of the immune system. However, it is still not clear whether the novel virus itself is affecting the brain too.