I Told Sunset About You Ep 5 (2_5) Eng Sub Final Episode
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I Told Sunset About You Ep 5 Eng sub
part 1: https://engclip.com/video/x7xl7j3
Part 2: https://engclip.com/video/x7xl7j2
Part 3: https://engclip.com/video/x7xl83z
Part 4: https://engclip.com/video/x7xl7yw
Part 5: https://engclip.com/video/x7xl88v

Full Epsiodes: https://engclip.com/playlist/x6xato

Other name: แปลรักฉันด้วยใจเธอ แปลรัก Bplae Rak Chan Duay Jai Ter BKPP The Series Interpret My Love As Your Heart Interpret My Love With Your Heart


The story of two high school boys who were learning their deep relationship through complicated and unstable feelings like a storm that blows the boat away from its path. It was contrary to peaceful Phuket where they lived.